Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Falling... For Fall Decor

Oh personal friends, friends of friends, and friends I have yet to meet yet...

it's Fall...


My very favorite season of all. I know that every season is amazing. All are given by God as gifts, I think, to show us more of his amazing love. The way that He orchestrates the year from blooming beginnings to the stillness of Winter.

But Fall... Fall reminds me of warmth and snuggles, crisp weather and layering your clothes, steaming beverages and comfort food. Oh so many wonderful things have happened to me in the Fall.

Welcome dear friend! You, sweet Fall, are my favorite of all! To welcome you,  I  Renaissance climbed into our grossly overpopulated guest bedroom closet and pulled out the box marked with your name. I {really I, this time} got out the many decorations and placed them around our new home!

So thankful that Fall is here!!

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