Friday, October 21, 2011

Autumn Ideas for Mommy

Well folks, around here it is Fall and we are loving it! So much fun to be outside in this {much} cooler weather, and we're so thankful that there's so much to do! While we have lots planned as a family, Scoot and I have been finding lots to do in the hours that Renaissance is gone to the office. There are so many fun things for moms and little ones to do in our fair city, and I thought I'd share a few of the opportunities!

Our family has recently decided to get a Zoo membership. Now that Scoot is so much more aware of everything around her, I'm thinking that watching the animals is going to be such a fun adventure for us! The great thing about the single membership is that you can always take a guest so our family is covered!

If you've never visited the MOOseum,  you really should! They have fun exhibits teaching children about Alabama's $2 billion beef industry.  It's very cute, and while it may work more for kids who are a little older, it's still fun to visit with small ones, too.

The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is such a fun place to take children. They always have great exhibits, and once a month on Sundays they have a free art project for children. There are two interactive galleries for kids to discover about the different types of art, and the mezzanine features tons of books, games and puzzles about art.

Old Alabama Town is a sweet spot in our town that is dedicated to sharing the history of Alabama through fun reenactments. Through the month of October, Old AlabamaTown is featuring Harvest Time from the 1800s. They'll be giving tours of the cotton gin and grist mill, and looking at farming in the 19th century Monday - Saturday from 9-3.

Anyway, so these are just a few of the fun and educational activities available for young families in our city. It's really encouraging to me, since our family already LOVES history, the fine arts, and the great outdoors. Also, we're seriously considering homeschooling when the time comes, so it's nice to know that our community is full of educational opportunity!

Are there any places that you love to visit in your city?

Hoping that your Autumn afternoons are full of fun and adventure! 


  1. great information! excited to check some of this stuff out.

  2. Thanks SB! I'm so behind lately. I need to catch up on the Spooners!


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