Sunday, August 14, 2011

What the blog!?

Calling all Alabama Blogging Moms! There's a new blog out there {started by me, myself and I} called . . . 

you guessed it . . .

Alabama Blogging Moms. 

I know, I know, I know what you're thinking. Just another site that you don't have time to visit, right?

Well toss that thought aside, k?

This blog is just a place to compile a directory of the Moms in Alabama who are bloggers. There's not a place like this that I've found yet, and I thought it'd be nice to know who else in our fair state might be a blogging mom in need of encouragement, mommy thoughts, and let's be honest . . . a place to grab someone and chat about life!

So, go check it out! It's Alabama Blogging Moms

You can join via Google Friend Connect and also grab a button. Also, be sure to send me your blog address at and I'll be glad to add you to the list!!

Please PLEASE share this with friends so that we can get our network a'workin for us {hehe}

Love ya'll . . . Love blogging . . . Love Alabama

What could be better!

So, go . . . get outta here . . . and spread the word!

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