Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer ~ 'nuff said

Sorry for such a crazy title. I just feel like Summer is the perfect excuse to not be a faithful blogger.

Oh, not that I don't love the blogosphere, but I constantly find myself doing other things.

Swimming, gardening, cleaning, purging junk just name a few. Not to mention that we've been on the road quite a lot and whenever we get home I just want to sit . . . then unpack . . . then play, eat, and go to bed . . . only to start all over again the next day! Sitting down at the computer with a six-month-old can be a little awkward. I figured that out yesterday when she kept hitting the "delete" and "return" buttons. Not her fault, though . . . it looks like too much fun!

So, in the spirit of bloggy catch-up/random thoughts, here we go:

1. The air conditioning in our house works, but mostly during the morning and night. During the day, it's pretty useless.

2. Everyone around me is announcing that they're pregnant . . . I better not drink any of the water that they're having.

3. Little'un is now backing her way around the world. Yesterday, I found her with her front half stuck out from under an armchair . . . the great Mom award goes to me, I know.

4. We got back from TN yesterday and are headed to the beach in two weeks . . . gotta get this house clean.

5. Laundry, dishes, vacuum, sort and fold . . . Hockey puck, rattlesnake, monkey, monkey, underpants . . . {Name that show! ~ it's my favorite}

6. Working out . . . I need to.     Cleaning . . . I have to.      Couponing . . . I get to.      

Wifeing/Mothering . . . I love to!     So thankful . . .

7. I need more discipline in my life as far as working out, personal time with the Lord and cleaning are concerned . . . but that probably means staying away from the computer. Hmmmmm . . . Scheduling is in my future, I feel it's return coming!

8. That's enough for today! Thanks for listening to the crazy lady . . .

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