Friday, July 8, 2011

Independence Day

Hello friends! I know I've been absent for a bit. My bloggy ambition has been on a leave of absence. Who knows what happened. I guess I just got to enjoying sprawling on my front porch a little too much!

That being said, I'll play a little "catch-up." We had a MARVELOUS Day of Independence. The hubs {btw} gets SO irritated when people just call it July 4th. "Every country has one of those," he says, "but not every country has an INDEPENDENCE Day!" I tend to agree. But that's the way it is with the hubs and I. We often agree a lot {thank the Lord above!}

For the day of Independence we headed to the lake with family and had a pretty splendid time. There's not too much else in the world like a lazy Lake Martin afternoon. Hubs and I even got to leave Anna Lyn inside for a nap while we went a'floatin' {ha} in the wonderful water. Her Aunt Gwen offered to "listen out" for her while we snuck away. Such luxury! Hope your day was filled with good food, good friends, and a heart of thankfulness for those who have gone before and those who fight even now to maintain the freedoms that America is so blessed to have!

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