Friday, July 15, 2011

6 months {already?}

Again, I say, can it really have been since months since my sweet one was born?

I think I must have said this to the Hubs about ~ Oh ~ 1 million times lately!

But, believe it or not, it's true! Susanna Gwendolyn Stanford {Anna Lyn to her friends} celebrated her first 1/2 birthday on June 30th!

Anna Lyn ~ You are the most precious gift that Daddy and I could ever receive. We love to see you every morning with your smiles, love to cuddle with you as you eat, love to play with you as you learn and explore, and love to comfort you when you're fussy.

Please know ~ no matter what happens in this life ~ that you are loved.  You are loved so much by Mommy and Daddy! But even more, dear one, you are loved by an amazing, pursuing, saving God. He loved you before you were ever a thought in our minds, and He will love you even unto eternity.

We are so thankful for these 6 months with you, sweet girl! Can't wait for the many adventures to come!

{In our patriotic garb. Sorry, it's late again!}


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