Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weekends Away + Happy Easter

We're headed out of town . . . again. Now, please now that I'm so thankful for the reasons we're headed away {a wedding, celebrating with friends, Easter with family}, but I'm feeling a little road weary.

And I know that sweet little Sugar-bear probably is, too. Not to mention Husband.

Well, oh well, off we go today. As we travel, I'll be praying for all the families of my sweet readers. Praying that you each have a special weekend of memories with your loved ones this Easter.

May your Easter be filled with the joy of knowing that Christ is no longer on the cross, but He is Risen!
I praise the Lord from a grateful heart for His amazing gift and incredible sacrifice.

Below, I've posted a link with a presentation about Easter. If you have a moment, please take a look!

I'll be non-bloggy for a bit, but know that I'll be picture-taking, egg-dying, road-traveling, wedding aisle-walking, pool-swimming, basket-creating, Easter service-attending, baby-dressing, river-riding and more. Many adventurous updates to come!

Happy Happy Easter!

Mary Frances

P.S. . . and now, because apparently I have difficulty blogging without a picture. . . our Easter mantle

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  1. I hopped over from *Wanting What I Have* to visit. Lovely to *meet* you...your family is lovely. What a blessing to know the KING of KINGS and belong to HIM! Many happy Easter (and wedding and etc...) blessings to you!

    In Him,


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