Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Birthday present realized

For Will's 27th, I got him tickets to see a new group called The Civil Wars at a venue {the Standard Deluxe} outside of Opelika in Waverly, Alabama. He had to wait awhile, though. Finally, a few weekends ago, it was time to cash them in. We really had no idea what the place was supposed to be like. All we knew was that it was an outdoor theater and we could bring our own chairs, food, etc.

My sister, Susanna, who loves the group, decided to make the trek from Valdosta to brave the elements with us. Such a good decision! When we got to the concert venue {which was located across from a graveyard} we were in awe of the atmosphere. A very decidedly "Woodstock" vibe permeated ever single corner of the space. Since we were right on time, we had to nonchalantly hurriedly put up our chairs and settle in for the event.

After resting our blankets snugly on our laps, we got out our Mama G's {yum} and waited for the main event! Believe me, we were very pleased with the result! Such a fun and versatile group, composed of one guitar and two singers who harmonize perfectly!

A wonderful concert under the stars with two of my favorite people. What could be more perfect?

The Standard Deluxe

To my left . . .

 To my right . . .


 Abnormal . . .    not surprising, right?

 The Civil Wars . . .

So much fun!! You'll have to join us next time, k?



  1. Yay!! Ya'll will have to make the trek! Would love to see you

  2. So, I had no clue about your blog or that you followed mine UNTIL you left a comment! I would love to do lunch sometime and meet the kiddo!!!


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