Thursday, April 28, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Anna Lyn's first Easter

Well, we were away for Easter, which you all already know from this post. We attended a wonderful wedding for a wonderful friend who I grew up with. Such a sweet, forever friend. . . you know what I mean? A friend who is there for you through each stage of your life. . . who you want to call with the big stuff!

Anyway, we were in Chattanooga, TN so sweet Anna Lynn was already out of her element. On Sunday morning, we rose with thankfulness in our hearts, went to church at a local church there in town, and then returned to the hotel to check-out by 1:00 p.m. Not the ideal situation for presenting an Easter basket to a 4-month-old. Mercy.

So Husband and I decided to save the basket until we got home to Montgomery. That afternoon, we went to the Chattanooga Aquarium and just enjoyed some lazy time together. Such a wonderful memory that I won't soon forget.

I love you Will - thank you for being my husband and showing me what God's grace looks like every day!
I love you Anna Lynn - thank you for being Mommy's little booger-bear and loving even when I'm not so lovable.

I hope that you and yours had a wonderful day celebrating the Risen Lord!

P.S. Today, we're linking up with Emily and the Anderson Crew to Embrace the Camera!


  1. very cute. she is adorable and I love the "daddy says I cant date till I'm 30!" sounds like my husband with our girls! LOL

  2. Great family photo and love the shirt!


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