Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Great State. . .

of Mississippi!

That's where Sweet Pea and I have been since last Thursday. Will's sweet mom and youngest brother, Ryne, came to visit last week, and suggested that we two girls head back home with them!

Sadly, my Man had to stay in Montgomery until Friday night when he drove to join us.

Little Booger-bear was a champ! She didn't wail incessantly cry at all during the entire 4-hour trip! I drove the whole way, and I must say that it was a WONDERFUL feeling. I haven't been driving for quite awhile because of complications after my delivery, but now I'm back on the road, baby!

{If you don't know me, I love LOVE to drive. I will take my own car to functions when I could ride with someone. . . I will drive the long way home to enjoy the view. . . I will find reasons excuses to drive just to be behind the wheel. Crazy, I know, but there it is. I guess it relaxes me. . . go figure!}

When we got to New Albany, MS - the hometown of my Man - Anna Lynn and I immediately got settled and then she jumped into the stroller {ok, maybe I put her there. . .} and we headed out for a stroll. SOOOO wonderful to be out in the sunshine! She is loving this Spring weather - and her Mommy is, too!

The weekend was such fun. Not only was it Anna Lynn's first trip to visit her Coco and Pop in New Albany, but she met her sweet extended Mississippi family and traveled to Memphis for her "Aunt" Lauren's birthday!

Such a blessing to spend time with family, friends and each other. Weekends with the ones you love are such a sweet and valued time to Will and Mary Frances Stanford! I hope to post about priorities soon, and let me tell you that family is definitely near the top of that list! I hope your weekend was just as wonderful! Be sure to let me know all about it!

Anna Lynn with sweet Laura Preston - one of Coco's neighbors

Visiting with "Aunt" Betty and Uncle Donald

Will with his brothers, Hunter and Ryne, standing with Uncle Donald

Anna Lynn with her Pop. . . 

She loves her Pop!!

Pop, Coco and "Aunt" Lauren's parents at Benihanna

"Aunt" Lauren with her birthday crowd!!

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