Thursday, November 4, 2010

Be it ever so humble...

There's no place like home! And finally FINALLY it looks like we have a new one!

We are so excited and feel so blessed! Our journey after selling our sweet cottage on Edgemont was a really interesting one. We were so shocked when the Lord chose to bring us an offer on our house 2 weeks before we were to take it off the market after 8 months. And, to top it off, we then had to be completely our in the next two weeks... mercy.

We began thinking, praying, scrutinizing, etc. about what the Lord would have us do at this juncture in our lives. We're not really renters by nature, you see. We love to invest in a home and add our loving touches, knowing that the future will bring many memories for our family in our humble abode.

We wondered: Should we go ahead and buy a dream house that we can grow into for years?... Or should we buy a small place, fix it up, and then later LATER buy our "forever house?" Well, with the knowledge that Sweetpea would be arriving in December, and the fact that we would now be a one-income family since we covenanted that I would stay at home as a homemaker once our children started arriving, the decision started becoming clear.

The Lord led us to a small cottage - which my husband, the architect, calls a "craftsman bungalow" - in one of the older neighborhoods of Montgomery. We found out through our fabulous realtor, Frank Powell, that the house was a foreclosure and it would probably be a long journey to possess it. Nevertheless, we put in our offer the first week of August, and it was accepted a week later.

Well, they set our closing date for the end of September and we held our breath and prayed our heads off! Of course, the bank ended up moving our closing date (much to our chagrin) to the end of October. Please, please, PLEASE - we thought. We spent the next few weeks living all over. With my Aunt and Uncle for 2, in the Extended Stay hotel for 3, and finally in a wonderful loft apartment downtown for 4 more. Wells-Fargo then decided to move our closing date once more - just for kicks - to today, November 3rd. Boy, are we excited!

If I could describe my feelings about this journey and this new home in one word, it would be


Thankful... that the Lord chose for us to have such an amazing journey of learning trust...

Thankful... that our Heavenly Father has shown himself to be Jehovah-Jireh (Genesis 22:12-14)

Thankful... that even when I have doubted, questioned, raged, laughed, cried, etc... the Lord has been present to show me that He has made Psalm 16:6 a reality in my life:

"The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places,

surely I have a delightful inheritance."

So... all that to say that today's our closing date. We get possession of our new house today! Here are a few pictures of our house as we found it. There will be many new colors - both inside and out. I will be sure to post new pictures as our updates take place!!

Front view

Entrance to the living room

Side view of the living room

Guest room

Sweetpea's room

Master bedroom




  1. It looks great Mary Frances! I am so glad that it is finally yours! Can't wait to see it in person!!

  2. It's precious, MF! Can't wait to have Supper Club in your new home next year!

  3. girl you are gonna make me cry! i have seen God's faithfulness to you and will throughout this whole process and your response is just precious to my faith. you are a constant encouragement and reminder of his great love for us, no matter what the trial we are facing.

  4. omygoodness. your house is so cute! thanks for the encouraging post!

  5. Thanks friends!! We're really enjoying it, and can't wait to have you guys over!

  6. What a cute place! I can't wait to see what you do with it to make it "home" for your growing family... let us hear how you are doing!!!


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