Thursday, June 10, 2010

Such a Whirlwind...

Oh, I am so glad that summer has come! Although, I must say that it's been quite a whirlwind since the blessed season came our way. With the arrival of summer Will and I have been traveling some.

For my birthday weekend (the big 26) we went home to see my family in Perry, GA. I don't know what it is about family, but of all the things in my life I count them as the most valuable. My family celebrated with Will and me by spending a lazy weekend doing a lot of nothing! An absolute dream!

The following weekend, Will and I traveled to his hometown of New Albany, MS to celebrate lots of birthdays.... mine, Will's brother Ryne, his mother Carla, and his father Allen. They all fall so close together that we celebrate together each year. Lots of fun with another simple weekend.

A few weekends ago, Will and I journeyed to Charleston, SC for a family wedding. Now I know in my head that Charleston is 6 1/2 hours away from Montgomery and that that fact should totally intimidate me, but the mere prospect of being in that enchanting city and I get in the car... willingly. I know, I'm crazy...

Well, Will and I love history (which I know that I've mentioned before) and we spent part of our honeymoon in Charleston. I've grown up going to Charleston usually about once a year. I love all of the sights and sounds of the city that has so greatly preserved it's past while still embracing all of the wonderful aspects of the present and preparing for the future.

Just taking a walk down historic King street, journeying down to the Market (where you can find just about anything), visiting White Point Gardens and strolling along the Battery after nightfall, eating at our favorite restaurants: Hominy Grill, Five Loaves, 82 Queen, Fleet Landing... and many more, swinging on the pier at Waterfront Park, or wandering around the Peninsula through the College of Charleston. None of these things can be beat!! We even took a "touristy" carriage ride (which Will had never done before) in order to see all of the fabulous architecture of the pre-Revolutionary war homes and buildings.

What I don't understand is why I love this city so very much. Sometimes there is just a place that touches your heart and is emblazoned in your memories... and one of those places for me is Charleston, South Carolina.

I'm going to add some pictures later... but for now, we just have the text of the story!

Until next time, may all of your adventures make you thankful!

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