Monday, April 26, 2010

So it's been a month....

...since I last blogged, and I'm really sorry! Lately I'm really forgetful, and I really do want to remember all that happens throughout the year. So I need to blog more.... and I will!

Recently, I went to another estate sale (I know, I'm addicted) and I found this beautiful old rocking chair. I could not resist the deal, and it was half-off day and I knew that it would look perfect in the corner of my sweet living room!

I just love the addition of older items to homes. I guess I have an old soul like my parents always have said. For some reason, old items remind me that things that last over time should be valued and taken care of. While the new trend in the world today is "modern, sleek, and minimalist," I love the old that has character and class. Things that were made with care and given special touches. Craftsmanship is evident in these items, and it helps me to remember that the things that I do today can have a lasting impact on the generations of the future.

Will and I love history, and we want our children to appreciate the historical riches surrounding the formation of our wonderful country. We want them to know about the men and women of God who forged a way in the wilderness so that their children's children could have freedom to worship freely. We want them to know that without looking to the past and those who have come before us, we cannot hope to learn to make a difference in the future.

All this to say that I love being surrounded by the past, and I think that this beautiful rocking chair is a wonderful addition to our quaint little homestead.

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