Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Steal of a Deal

A few weekends ago, I had the bargain itch, so I woke up sleepy Will and we headed out to an estate sale across town. Now, as I recently learned, an estate sale is totally different than a yard sale. While a yard sale takes place when people are moving and is composed of household stuff on the lawn for people to peruse and buy, and estate sale is the total liquidation of someone's life. Usually these take place in someone's house after they've passed away or moved to a nursing home. Estate sales have tons of antiques, which I consider to be treasures, and they're tons of fun to attend... to me, that is.

So, Will and I headed out to the estate sale a little late. It was around 10:00 when we arrived, and the sale ended at 12:00. So, I got right to work sorting around, and here are some of the gems that I came out of the morning with:

A beautiful old tablecloth....

detailed with lovely crochet work!

I saw these antique "12 Days of Christmas" glasses at a party once,
and wished that I could find them!

Now here they are!
And since I went on Saturday...

they were 1/2 off... 12 for $3.00... wow!

Oh they are so fun!

And the find of the day:

The Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer/slicer

Retail price: $31.50

I got this one for $2.50... woohoo!!

I do so love a bargain! Sometimes there's not much to find, but on this day I felt like I had scored big. I am loving learning to become a bargain-hunter... it is such a thrilling experience! Just thought I would share my spoils. Let me know what you find!!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful week!


  1. absolutely LOVE a good bargain!!! Al and I slept in the bed we got at an estate sale for 24 years!!!

  2. GORGEOUS table cloth!!! Love it!!
    All of your other purchases are awesome too! :)
    I've never been to an estate sale, but I've always wanted to go!!

  3. Recently discovered your blog from facebook - I love it! Glad you guys are so happy together. David and I like doing this kind of things as sales are the best.

  4. Besty - I'm so glad you love bargains too! Thanks for looking at our little piece of the world! We miss ya'll!

    Bonnie - It was so wonderful talking tonight! I'm glad that we have so many things in common!

    Kristi - It's been so many years! I love your blog too! I'm so excited for your sweet little one coming soon! I'll keep following the blog to see how everything goes!!

  5. Oh, how I love going to estate sales! Who knows... maybe we'll run into each other some day. You found some wonderful items, and at such a bargain! I'm loving that apple thing-a-ma-jig. We have several apple trees around here. :) Melissa


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